01-Day Process Improvement Through Corrective Action / Preventive Action (CAPA) Course

Course Overview

IPS Pakistan offers 01-day Process Improvement Through Corrective Action / Preventive Action (CAPA) Course comprising of lectures, problem-solving methodologies, role-play exercises, giving touches of real time scenarios.

Target Audience

  • CEO’s / Directors
  • Quality Professionals
  • Quality Assurance/Control Officers
  • Management Representatives
  • Potential Quality Practitioners
  • Member(s) of Quality Team/Committee
  • QMS Consultants
  • Personnel who wish to excel in the field of Quality Management System

Participants Will Learn

  • Review of CAPA process
  • Understand why there is an urgency to improve a CAPA process
  • Understand why Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is so important
  • Practicing the use of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) methods
  • Identification of the best Corrective Action result from doing an effective Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Practicing a model to manage the problem-solving process and prevent recurrence
  • Proposing appropriate actions to enhance CAPA process to reduce recurring non-conformances

Course Contents

  • Quality Vocabulary
  • PDCA Cycle Concept
  • Corrective Action / Preventive Action Mechanism
  • Root Cause Analysis Methods
  • Problem-Solving Process & Action Management


Delegates are expected to have prior knowledge and/or experience of QMS elements and their implementation.